iPhone 6 | Classic Carbon Fiber Weave


Our carbon fiber cases are carefully hand crafted, and hand polished, resulting in a brilliant finish. While thin, its extremely strong and will protect your valuable phone from those accidental drops.

Shipping is free for any purchases in Canada or United States.


Made with 100% hand-laid carbon fiber.

The same high performance Carbon Fiber used on hyper cars around the world

We have developed our best and highest quality Carbon Fiber phone cases yet

All order are sent out as fast as possible to get your phone protected by our super advanced cases. We offer a 30 day return policy if you feel you do not like you case at any time. That being said, everybody who has purchased one of our cases to date, has not returned it.

We accept all major types of credit cards, and it is processed through PayPal so you can sleep at night knowing your transaction is safe.

Our cases are made from 100% real aircraft grade carbon fiber. This material is 5x stronger than steel and 10x lighter. Our cases have been tested and are capable of holding 1500x its own weight.

We ask you to choose the finish of your carbon fiber phone case. These finishes do not change the strength of the case, it only changes the appearance.

The Gloss cases are very shiny and show the holographic qualities of the carbon fiber

The Matte cases are not shiny but super soft to the touch

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